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Marbella, Puerto Banus and Estepona. As every year, the arrival of spring brings the Easter and with it, the great dilemma about what we can do to occupy the time of our children during the holidays.
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16 Mar Easter camps in Marbella, Puerto Banús, Estepona

Kids Spa’s Camp, your Easter urban camp in Costa del Sol

camps easter in Marbella, Puerto Banus and EsteponaAs every year, Easter arrives with spring, and with them, the though about what to do to have the smallest of the house occupied during these days. Camps, homework, activities….

For all those families who will spend Easter in Marbella, Puerto Banús, San Pedro or Espona, urban camps are the best option. This holiday week is the perfect opportunity to do all kinds of open air activities, specially learn through play activities, thanks to the agreeable weather of Costa del Sol and the free time your children will have. Kids will learn through play and they will make new friends, and the best of all, they are within the city!

Although you can find all kind of camps, in Kids Spa we bring you an original and different proposal for this year Easter’s holidays.

An original camp for children of all ages

Kids Spa’s Camp opens from 09.30h to 16.30h, your children will have 7 hours of learning through different activities and, at the same time, they will have fun. This camp has the personal touch of Kids Spa, it is different from the traditional camps you can find in Costa del Sol.

Following the motto of Kids Spa of wellness and of interior and exterior beauty, Kids Spa’s Camp is sure to be a fun camp. In it, the kids will improve their social skills, boost their creativity and they will develop values such as teamwork, solidarity or resepct for the environment; values often forgotten nowadays.

In this camp, they do not forget about the importance of physical exercise. Through different activities, they will teach children the benefits of a healthy diet, of doing sport, of relaxing when we are stressed or nervous and, above all, the benefits of taking care of their inner and outer selves to feel better and to improve their overall well-being.

Furthermore all their activities are organized in small groups, and the workshops are adapted to the ages of its participants, girls and boys from 4 to 12 years old..

Exercise to start your day full of energy

With healthy habits always in mind, the day will start with sports, such as yoga or pilates oriented for children.

In yoga, the children will not only exercise, but they will also improve their posture, learn to relax to face up stress and their problems and it will also improve their capacity of concentration at the same time that it will reinforces their self-esteem and harmonizes their personality and character.

In pilates, the children will learn how to sit, walk and bend down with a good posture. This exercise will help them prevent future injuries related to poor postural habits. It also helps to increase your concentration’s ability, boosts their strength and helps to shape the figure. At an emotional level, it increases their self-esteem and improves their capacity to face anxiety and stress..

Languages: train your mind

Learning a second or third language is not only beneficial for the academic future of your children, but it also has other benefits. It has been proved that learning other languages help to improve their capacity of attention and memory and at the same time, it works as mind training.

Russian, English, French or Spanish for foreigners… to speak other languages is a must in Costa del Sol. So why not take advantage of the Easter holidays to start learning a new language or to improve the one you learn at school?

Creativity in its purest state

The workshops you will find in Kids Spa’s Camp are always creative and educational. They help to install values in the children and get them into healthy habits; they promote teamwork and give flight to the imagination.

Their workshops include courses of introduction to photography, perfume making workshops, handicrafts… different activities to help them develop their hobbies or to discover new ones.

Healthy meals

Lunch at Kids Spa is the special occasion to get them into healthy habits.

With a menu based on healthy and natural products, children will learn where the ingredients come from, about their elaboration process and about the importance of having a well-balanced diet to keep them healthy and strong, to feel good inside and outside.

Educational Film as final touch

After lunch, they will have one of their favourite activities: a cine showing, the perfect finish for your camp days.

In the cinema of Kids Spa’s Camp, all the films combine entertainment and learning. They carefully chose all the films, so the children can learn while they enjoy the movie and popcorn. They will want to see them again at home!!

Kids Spa’s Camp is, without doubts, a fun and educational option for a fantastic holiday in Marbella, Puerto Banús, San Pedro Alcántara or Estepona.

(For more information and the reservations, please call us at 952 866 108 or write us at

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