KIDS SPA | Catwalk classes for kids in Marbella - Enjoy a funny day
Catwalk classes in Marbella- Enjoy a fun and unique birthday party with our catwalk classes, specially designed for kids to make them feel like a real model
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24 May Catwalk classes in Marbella

Feel like a model with our catwalk classes in Marbella

One, two, three, walk, pose, photo. Walk, turn around, stop, pose, photo and walk. Smile, kiss, smile – the biggest smile is drawn on the faces of our princess while they enjoy their catwalk classes in Marbella.

You can enjoy our catwalk classes in your next birthday. They’re the perfect complement for all the birthday’s parties celebrated in Kids Spa by milk&roses. With them, you will surprise your friends with a unique and fun birthday party full of smiles where you’ll have a great time and enjoy together with your friends this magical moment.

We’ll start with the beauty session where you’ll experience a perfect manicure, a fabulous hairstyle and a Hollywood movie make-up with an extra massage to relax yourself. We cannot forget one of the most important elements, to choose the right clothes. You can combine the clothes of our wardrobe as you want, let your imagination run wild and get creative, always with style. If you prefer to put on a dress, we have different models and colours, or maybe you prefer to wear a skirt with our sequined tops. Choose your ideal look and go ahead! The catwalk is waiting for you.

Are you ready? The spotlight awaits you to start the catwalk classes. In Marbella, it’s a luxury to have this splendid workshop for the smallest of the house. You won’t find anything similar. In kids Spa we offer a completely different concept for an unexpected and fun birthday party. Our parties have nothing to do with ball ponds or big celebrations in malls.

We’re starting! Walk straight, face the front firmly. At the end of the catwalk the camera’s flashes are waiting to shoot you only with the best look. Photo, photo, smile, kiss, look to the right then to the left… Perfect!

We repeat, now in pairs. Show off you beautiful skirt, take off your jacket and put it gracefully on your shoulder. Display all your accessories and make them stand out. If you’re wearing a hat, look both sides before winking to the camera. This is your moment, all lens are directed at you, the perfect occasion to show off.

We’ll invent different movements and any type of fashion show to make you smile nonstop. Complicit looks between friends and lots, lots of laughter, the most important thing in your birthday party is to have a great time and to enjoy this special day to the maximum.

The cake is waiting, take a slice to recover your energies and keep celebrating! At the end of our catwalk classes in Marbella the party girl, as well as her guests, will do a closing parade to say goodbye to this magical place.

Catwalk class in Marbella for girls

If the catwalk workshop has peeked your interest and you want to discover more about the modelling world, this catwalk class has been designed for you; either for girls that have shown interest for this world since small or for those that want to enjoy their free time with a different extracurricular activity.

Through the milk&roses academy you can enjoy catwalk classes in Marbella, both in groups or individually. We know how to adapt to each and every necessity you may have and will develop our class accordingly. You can join one of our groups or take the opportunity and make one with your friends or classmates.

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