KIDS SPA | Celebrate a girl's birthday party in Marbella, San Pedro and Puerto Banús
To celebrate an unforgetable birthday party for girls in Marbella you only need a lovely place such as Kids Spa and to take into account all details. We will help you realize what are the key elements of your perfect birthday party.
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09 Jan Celebrate a girls’ birthday party in Marbella

10 things you cannot miss in a girls’ birthday party

You have already made an appointment in the agenda of Kids Spa by milk&roses, the trendiest place to celebrate your daughter’s birthday in Marbella. You’ve the invitations cards waiting to be filled and handed to her friends, a dress out of a princess tale ready for the special day and the perfect gift for your little girl, but… wait a moment and let’s look back at 10 key aspects you must not forget for the best birthday’s party of the year. Take a pen and Let’s start!


  1. SURPRISE THE BIRTHDAY GIRL. It is a special day and we want our princess to smile through all day. Is there something better than to start the party with a little surprise? What do you think of a make-up workshop? She can learn the basics of make-up for girls while she practises with her best friends how to apply lipstick or eye shadow. You can almost hear her laugh… A moment she will always remember!
  2. YOUR PERSONALISED PLAYLIST. Whether your daughter is a fan of Disney movies or if she has started listening to pop music, if you want to make her birthday even more special you have to choose the right soundtrack. Do you want some suggestions? Auryn, Sweet California, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, One Direction… You can bring your favourite playlist or just ask us to prepare it..
  3. A PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION TO REMEMBER THIS DAY. You will want to remember each detail of this special day. There is nothing better than a photography session to complete the birthday party. There are different options in Marbella, but the best one is to have a professional photographer to capture every moment and to compile them in a photo album. The birthday girl and her friends will have the opportunity to pose before the camera, shine with the flash while the walk up and down the catwalk or while they dance in our pink carpet. They will have a great time and they will always remember it!
  4. VISITOR’S BOOK. This is a must have in the birthday’s parties for girls at Marbella. You only need a blank book that your guest will fill with their inscriptions and best wishes. Back at home, you can read in detail every comment. You are lucky to have such good friends!
  5. GIFTS FOR YOUR GUESTS. From a gift bag full of sweets to an artisanal bracelet made in Kids spa or the best gift, a perfume made by themselves. They will not only take home a small gift, but also a new experience, that of being a perfumer for a day.
  6. SWEET MOMENT, A DECORATED CAKE OR DELICIOUS CUPCAKES? It will depend on the birthday girl! But if we are talking about birthdays for girls in Marbella we cannot forget the sweetest moment of the day. Yummy marshmallows will be the opener for a themed cake of Frozen or Cinderella for little girls or a make-up palette if they are not so little… you will love our cakes!
  7. THE CANDLES ON THE CAKE! Did you forget them? Do not worry, in Kids Spa we always have a few of them at hand for forgetful clients!
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY’S SONG. Ask us to play it in Spanish, English, Russian… We have all its versions! To celebrate the best birthdays for girls in Marbella it is essential to have this classic song in all possible languages.
  9. CHILDREN’S CHAMPAGNE FOR THE FINAL TOAST. Forget about fuzzy drinks or juices, the most glamorous birthdays parties always offer their guests to drink a toast for the birthday girl with champagne for children, their favourite sparking pink wine. It is one of the basics in the parties at Kids Spa, just ask for it and we will grant it. Cheers to the years to come!
  10. THE FINAL TOUCH OF A HOLLYWOOD STAR. How? We have a pink limousine that will pick up the girls at Kids Spa’s doors, the perfect end for this singular and unforgettable birthday party.
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