KIDS SPA | Communions parties in Marbella. Her First Communion, the spring event
Good weather is coming to Marbella and Costa del Sol in general, and it’s also time to organize everything for the big event of this spring: the First Communion of your daughter.
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02 Mar Communions parties in Marbella

communionsThe First Holy Communion, spring’s main event

The good weather is coming to Marbella and Costa del Sol, and it is also the moment to start preparing everything for spring’s main event: your daughter’s first Holy Communion.

Choosing the dress, venue, invitations, the hair and beauty salon, the perfect outfit for you, for her siblings… Loads of preparations and you won’t have the time yould like to carefully select and plan every detail, so the day will be special for family and friends.

But keep calm. The key is to organize the basic elements, you should make a list of the things to do and do them step by step, planning carefully each of them. And if you need help, you can always hire Kids Spa’s planning and services. You’ve read it right! You favourite place not only offers it traditional services of spa, birthdays and workshops; they will also take care of all the planning and preparations for your daughter’s First Holy Communion, you will only have to enjoy each moment.

Holy Communion with style: basic steps

When facing the planning and preparations to do in this type of event, there are two main questions that come to mind. The first one is related to the girl’s dress and complements, and the second one is related to the celebration after the religious act.

It will be a big help if you pay attention separately to each of these aspects and if you start planning in the previous months; and if you also have the collaboration of Kids Spa’s planning team, it will be a piece of cake!

Style related aspects

  • The dress. The dress your daughter will wear to receive her First Holy Communion is the first thing we should settle. It’s convenient to start by selecting the dress, to later be more relaxed choosing this element. You do not have to forget the complements, specially the shoes, and the family’s outfits, parents’ and siblings. In Kids Spa we take into consideration your tastes and we will give you advice about the style that better suits you, the brands and different qualities and we will help you to find the best dress for this special day.
  • Hairstyle: hair spa. Together with the dress, the hairstyle is one of the main elements in this type of event. You should not let this aspect for the last minute, and foresee all details so mother and daughter will look perfect the big day. In Kids Spa we advise you to start preparations with enough time. Months before the event our stylist will help you to define the look you can to have, and prepare your hair with the adequate treatments so it will be as healthy as possible for the big day.
  • Facial and body spa treatments. Is there something better than to prepare for this special day relaxed in our spa designed especially for girls? In kids Spa by milk&roses we have a menu with varied facials and body treatments that will give the girls wellness, comfort and relax. All they need to be calm to attend relaxed to their big day. Of course, moms are always welcomed! As hostess, you also deserve the cares to make you feel better, both inside and outside. In kids Spa we will advise you about the best treatments to achieve your objectives.
  • Manicure and pedicure. Your daughter’s hands will be one of the focus in the day of her communion. Be sure that they will perfect with a session of children’s manicure in Kids Spa, and at the same time you can enjoy a pack of manicure and pedicure.
  • For the crucial day: benefit of hairstyle and make-up delivery service. Do not give up the last session of hair spa and make-up for the big day. Kids Spa puts at your disposal a beauty delivery service, so you won’t lose time driving to the salon or having to wake up even earlier.


Event planning

  • The venue. It is one of the questions over which parents stress more often when dealing with the first holy communion of their daughters and/or sons. Although it is a personal decision, in Kids Spa we can recommend the most exclusive places of Marbella and its surroundings, always taking into consideration your preferences, the number of guests, etc. We won’t forget one of the most important things: that it has enough space for the children to play, they are the protagonists! It’s their big day after all.
  • The menu and wine. Either if you are celebrating this event in a restaurant or if you want to contract a catering service to celebrate at home or in a hall, we will help you to elaborate the menu and the wine list. We will help you choose the dishes that combine best innovation and traditional cuisine, and the wines with certified guarantee of origin and quality. We will plan every detail, including dishes specially prepared for people with allergies, with a low-calorie diet or which present intolerance to certain aliments.
  • The guest list. You can make a silly mistake. We recommend you start to think and elaborate your guest list with enough time, so you will have time to go over it again, to get the phone numbers you are missing, to confirm your guest’s attendance and to have the invitations ready. Will you have time to manage everything? Don’t worry, Kids Spa does it for you!
  • Invitations. You have a wide selection where to choose from, you can buy them in specialized shops, buy them online or, if you prefer it, Kids Spa will design them for you. Kids Spa’s invitations will be personalized, custom-made and they will reflect your style.
  • Decoration. You can make the place of the celebration a unique and personalized placed, decorated according to the occasion with flowers, ribbons and balloons for an exclusive touch. In kids Spa we will also help you with the decoration so you won’t have to add another task to your list.
  • Photo album. Your daughter’s holy communion is one of the most special moments in her and in your life, and we are sure you will want to have photos of everything. Don’t worry about this aspect and rely on a specialized photographic studio. We can advise you about the best ones, who will create an original and unique photo album.
  • Entertainment. This is one of the key points. It is a party of children and for children, so you should liven the party up with didactic and fun activities, to complete a fun and playful day. Do you want something new? You can contract the different workshops at Kids Spa: painting, handicrafts, patisserie or a perfume making workshop, or you can surprise your daughter’s friends with a beauty party. In our beauty parties all the girls will have their make-up, hairstyle and manicure done by professionals and they will walk up and down the catwalk looking fabulous.
  • The cake. The dessert will be one of the most awaited. You can choose a light and creamy cake with an original design, it will be the perfect finishing touch. Do you also want to count on us for it? We’ll be pleased to do it!

All these are just some of our suggestions. But, regardless of the decision you decide to take for this day, the careful planning of your daughter’s the First Holy Communion will be the key to success.

Kids Spa offers you its help and know-how in planning kids’ events. You can let in our hands the choice of style for your princess, contract our entertainment services or you can have our help to organize everything. We’ll fully adapt to your tastes and needs with a single goal in mind: to make of your daughter’s First Holy Communion an unforgetable day!

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