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Discover the hidden treasures in Kids spa by milk&roses. A chest full of pearls and precious stones that will decorate your hands, make your face radiant or help you complement your outfit.
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01 Sep Jewellery making workshop in Marbella

A workshop to carry home


Discover the hidden treasures in Kids Spa by milk&roses. A chest full of pearls and precious stones that will decorate your hands, make your face radiant or help you complement your outfit. In our jewellery making workshop in Marbella you will have the opportunity to combine your preferred stones and elaborate your own designs.

Feel like a real princess and make your own bracelets, earrings, necklaces or pendants. Our workshop is designed for all ages and preferences, and it has been created as an exciting and fun activity for you to enjoy in a lovely environment.

In our workshop you will also have at your disposition a big variety of ornaments and pendants of all types and forms: hearts, moons, flowers, stars, butterflies… made of acrylic glass beads that simulate the light and the reflection of crystals, metal connector beads and cloth flowers. Do you know which will you choose? And if you want to add your personal touch to your bracelet, you can write a message, form your own name or the name of your favourite person, put a special date to remember or have the name of your dream city accompany you.

Guided and advised by the experienced hands of our professionals, you will learn to design your very own bracelet, choosing carefully the colours and figures you like the best and making the greatest complement to add to your outfit. Our professionals will give you the necessary advice so you will make a unique piece which you can offer to your friend or to your mom. You will give them a pleasant surprise!

You will learn the different techniques that are used to elaborate bracelets, and you will be instructed accordingly to help you materialize the piece you want to create. The most popular techniques are the slipknot, the basic locket or the application of washers.

After the theoretic introduction comes the practice. On top of the table you will have the necessary elements: scissors, a small candle, figures, your chosen beads, and the most important element, your hands! You will have everything at your disposal to materialize your design and to give form to your favourite jewellery. You will only have to do the finishing touches, put on the clasps and you will have finished!


We are pleased to invite you to our new workshop! It includes a new concept for those of you who want to give a more distinguished touch to their jewellery. In this workshop, the techniques used as well as the materials are even more exclusive.

In the deluxe workshop you will work with Swarovski crystals, one of the most luxurious crystals in the jewellery world; with natural agates from volcanic stones which present a characteristic opaque and translucent colour; and with zamak, an alloy of high-purity zinc with aluminium, magnesium and copper which is the latest trend.

The techniques used in our Deluxe jewellery making workshop in Marbella vary from the slipknot to the macramé. Both techniques require a high level of concentration, producing incredible results. You will create and display a unique piece with your own original touch.

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The jewellery workshop designed in Kids Spa by milk&roses has been conceived as a didactic experience where the most charming girls of the house will have fun and at the same time develop cognitive and social abilities. The design of your own jewellery will help you to increase your creativity, stimulate your mind and imaginary capacities and improve your abilities. A fun, didactic and advantageous workshop.

This relaxing activity is planned for everybody, whether younger or older you are invited to come. You can attend with your friends, your cousins or your sisters; if you are a mother-daughter pair this activity will be the perfect occasion to share a special moment while you are both enjoying your hobby.

Pay us a visit and we will show you how to elaborate your own accessories, in our singular and inspiring establishment Kids Spa. You can enjoy a fun evening or, instead, think of it as a different and original gift, either way this workshop is perfect to surprise your friends or celebrate your birthday in Marbella. We are waiting for you!

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