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The make-up has got a big interest for girls in Marbella, Puerto Banus or Estepona. Lipsticks, blushers and nail polishes fascinate them, but when and how they should start to use it? Kids Spa has all the answers.
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20 Feb Make-up for girls. Marbella, Fuengirola, Estepona…

Make-up for girls: when and how they should start to use it


make up girls - maquillaje infantil

make up girls marbella, estepona y fuengirola – maquillaje infantil

At least once or twice in her life, every girl has taken the opportunity their parents gave her -when they were resting on the sofa or shopping at the supermarket- to sneak into their bedroom and discover the wonderful word of mum’s make-up.

Inexplicably, lipsticks, blushers and nail polishes have fascinated us since we were kids and led us to many funny situations. Some of them included making an appearance in the lounge with red lipstick all over our face and with mum’s oversized high heels in our feet. Not to mention those lucky girls who had older sisters and borrowed her lipsticks, nail polishes…

In any case, the truth is that make-up, and everything that surrounds it, generates a big interest among girls. It doesn’t matter her age or origins. When they are small, it’s a mix of their desire of being older and of wanting to look like a princess. When they are in their early adolescence, make-up and clothes are the way to feel beautiful and feminine but also of being liked!

Although this seems innocent, as parents, you should take certain measures when you notice your daughter is overly interested in make-up. To dream about wanting to improve their image is nice and normal, but they should not try to seem what they are not.

What should we do when our daughters start to take interest in make-up?

The first norm: no prohibitions! Children are rebels by nature. The more you deny them something, the more they will want it..

At this point, communication with your daughter is essential. As parents, we should recommend and teach them to adequately use make-up, you can see it as a game to play at home or to use it for special occasions, to look pretty for parties or important events. This way, we will grow closer with them and we will make sure they use the correct products and the shade that better suits them for their age.

Everyone can agree up to this point but, what is the adequate make-up for children or teenagers to wear? And when should you allow them to use make-up? Although there are not firm norms regarding this aspect, in Kids Spa we can give you some tips that will be helpful.

Girls’ make up recommendations:

  • Foundation: make-up for a girl should always be natural. Her skin is smooth and they do not need anything to add luminosity to their skin. This is the reason why the use of foundation is not recommended. You can use the concealer to hide the bags under the eyes or small facial blemishes in case they existed.
  • Blusher: although it is not necessary you can slightly add rosy powder blush. You should not use bright colours or put in a lot, because their cheeks are already pink.
  • Eyes: we should avoid using eye liner. Dark colours will neutralise their natural shine and will make them look as something they are not. You can apply pastels eye shadows – beige, pink, orange, blue or green – and clear or brown mascara, or even one of bright colours.
  • Lips: to finish the girl’s make-up we should use a lip gloss, Avoid using matt or dark colours. A pink or beige gloss will give the perfect finishing touch to a young and natural make-up according to their age, which will make their features stand out.
  • Wash off our make-up before bed: Last but not least, girls should know how important it is to clean all the make-up off their face. A basic step you should not forget if you want to keep a clean and healthy skin.

The best age to start using make-up:

It is difficult to establish when is the best moment for your daughter to start using make-up. It depends on their maturity, but if they do it in a correct and consequent manner, their age does not matter.

In kids Spa, we recommend to treat it like a fun game for special occasions for the younger ages, like for birthdays, raining evenings or special events; and to allow a moderate and more frequent use –like for weekends- when they are teenagers.

If after our tips, you are not completely sure about how to advice your daughter about make-up, it will be the perfect excuse to come to a make-up session in Kids Spa by milk&roses in Marbella. You will have a pleasant and enjoyable evening with your daughter, learning everything you want to know about make-up.

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